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Wihuri Metro-tukku

The completion of its new premises in the summer of 2018 made the Wihuri Metro-tukku wholesale company think about finding a solution for receiving visitors in a place where it was not possible to arrange an attended front-desk service. The Systam visitor management system was considered the best option for the automatic management of visitors; and now people working in the facility cannot even picture their daily work without the system.

Logistics centre without an attended front desk

Fully automated visitor management

Arrival instructions in the pre-arrival message ensure an easy arrival for visitors

Self-service sign-in and an automatic notification sent to the host

Comprehensive arrival instructions and automated reception

The Wihuri Metro-tukku logistics centre in Vantaa houses approximately 2,500 square metres of office space without attended front-desk services. The goal was to provide arriving visitors with good instructions and an automated arrival procedure, and our visitor management system offered just the right solution for this. Now the personnel are able to generate invitations for visitors easily from their calendars. The automatic notifications provide instructions for a visitor from their arrival and parking to moving about on the premises, and also inform the host of the visit when the visitor signs in on the self-service kiosk.

“A formulated automatic pre-arrival message with arrival instructions is just a perfect solution for our visitors. Our office is located in an industrial area and finding your way around here is not always the easiest of things, but arrival is now smooth, thanks to the Systam solution.“

Mari Tilli

Administrative Assistant, Wihuri Metro-tukku

Visitors have found their way to the self-service kiosk placed in connection with the restaurant operating on the premises. Signing in with the QR code received in the pre-arrival message has received positive feedback from visitors; it is considered an easy and quick way to sign in. For the hosts, the greatest benefit is the automatic notification after the sign-in, enabling them to promptly pick up their visitor. The best feature of the service seems to be its ease of use; for all parties concerned.

Evolving services and new features

Metro-tukku has also utilised additional services that can be integrated to the system, such as the recently commissioned integration for calling a taxi. It enables the visitors to call for a taxi when signing out at the self-service kiosk. The order is made with a few clicks on the screen, and the feature is free of charge as it utilises an electronic interface instead of the telephone network.

“It is quite often that visitors ask us to call a taxi for them as they are leaving.And when visitor traffic picks up again after we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe that calling for a taxi on the self-service kiosk will be considered an excellent option!”

Systam as a partner

Commissioning of the service was considered very easy and comprehensive at Metro-tukku. Responses to support requests have been quick and guidance to the new features during on-site visits have helped to understand the functions in a practical way.

“Systam in three words? Reliable and service-minded. I will save the third word for describing the solution as a whole, and that word would be “easy-to-use”. The entire solution has been made very simple to use and I am extremely happy with the support and customer service we have received. So I am very pleased to recommend Systam for others as well!”

Wihuri Metro-tukku is a seasoned professional in the restaurant industry and a pioneer in the wholesale of daily convenience goods. We are a unit in the family-owned Wihuri Group, and have been a part of our customers’ daily life now for 120 years. Wihuri Group operations consist of the parent company Wihuri International Oy and its sub-groups Wihuri Oy and Wihuri Packaging Oy. Of the industries, Wihuri Metro-tukku, Technical Trade and Aviation form the current Wihuri Oy, with the Wihuri packaging industry operating under Wihuri Packaging Oy.


Our solutions at Wihuri Metro-tukku

Systam Visit Visitor Management

  • Tools for front-desk services in visitor management.
  • A versatile view for online tool and reports.
  • Systam X self-service kiosk with an integrated QR code reader and visitor card printer.
  • Calendar integration for easy adding of a visit using a personal Outlook invitation.
  • Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host.
  • The taxi integration for calling a taxi on the self-service kiosk.

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