Test if your visitor data management complies with GDPR requirements

We’ve compiled a simple downloadable checklist to help ensure your company’s visitor data management complies with key GDPR regulations.

Solution: Electronic visitor management

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) increased the responsibilities associated with the processing of information and access requests for information. When information is collected on visitors in a service, legislation obligates the collector of information to ensure that such data is not altered or disclosed to any unauthorised parties.

The appropriate management of these obligations and knowing in real-time who is moving in your premises, can only be ensured by using electronic storage of information. Digital visitor management service also offers comprehensive information on visits and visitors, enabling the management of their movements within the premises. For example, a visitor badge can serve as access to the premises. The service also creates significant cost savings and ensures the best possible visitor experience.


For visitor

An improved visitor experience with instructions for arrival and quick sign-in

For personnel

An easy and effortless method for inviting visitors and ensuring a positive first impression

For organisation

A safer way of operating with smaller costs

“Systam Visit was a major improvement to us. It not only enhances security but also makes our daily routine smoother. I can work until the message about the arriving guest pings on my phone. No one has to wait unnecessarily.“

Sami Happonen

Senior Project Manager, Facilities and Security, Finland, DSV Road Oy

Leading Finnish service Systam Visit

Systam Visit is a Finnish visitor management service that ensures your visitor data management complies with GDPR and any auditing requirements. It makes managing visits effortless and efficient, ensuring a great first impression. Visit is suitable for receiving occasional guests up to thousands of daily visitors, as self-service or together with the front desk.