Visitor access control

Manage the access of various groups on your property

Our Systam Visit service makes the management of visitor traffic easy, whether the visitors are office guests, contractors or other service providers.

Good access control is part of a company’s access control solution. Enable passage through gates and doors with access codes or a visitor card QR code on a phone or a visitor card. This solution is often utilised alongside existing access control systems on properties.

Our services can also be integrated with other systems, which means access rights are determined for visitors within the relevant system.

Kulunhallinta ohjaa vieraasi vaivattomasti oikeaan kerrokseen esimerkiksi älykkäällä hissikutsulla sisäänkirjautumisen jälkeen.

Access control – Safe and seamless access via elevators and gates

Integration of Systam Visit visitor management with KONE systems enables the utilisation of the smart characteristics offered by KONE elevators, turnstiles and doors. This gives you the option to control and summon elevators directly from Systam Visit.

Guide your visitor to the correct floor and room, for example, by using a smart elevator call after they have signed in. Visitor cards or mobile phones also function as an easy and safe

​​Digitaalinen perehdyttäminen on uusi tapa auttaa perehdyttämisessä. Työntekijä oppii sovelluksen avulla missä ja milloin vain.

Verified inductions as part of access control

When accessing a property requires safety inductions, Systam Pass can be used for ensuring that inductions are completed. Approved completion can be a requirement for visitors to sign in, access a work site and industrial environment or for lorry drivers, for example, to access a warehouse or logistics facility when transporting goods.

“We get positive feedback, especially on the QR code and its use when accessing the parking garage.“

Laura Merisalo

Real Estate Manager, Business Park Lepakko

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