Älykäs toimisto, Smart Office, mahdollistaa toimiston käytön ihmisten ehdoilla ja dataa hyödyntäen.

A smart office, element by element



A smart office is not about the future; it is for today. Its key elements are the integrations for combining top technologies from various fields to create a seamless whole for improving the experience and efficiency of work.

What is a smart office?

A smart office is a work environment where the technology used enables us to work faster, effortlessly and more flexibly, without forgetting safety and sustainable development. The idea at the core is to make working day experiences better and more efficient.

A smart office solution typically includes a range of technological applications for integrating the operation of people and buildings. These technologies include, for example, sensors that detect and adapt temperature and ventilation function in the property, systems for monitoring the use of meeting rooms and work stations and for making reservations for these spaces. They include control solutions for parking arrangements, information displays, seamless access control and navigation as well as solutions for visitor traffic management.

What benefits does a smart office provide?

Smart offices accumulate and transmit data on how to make working areas as functional as possible and the working day experiences even better. This allows for decisions and improvements to be made on the basis of facts.

An important reason for implementing smart solutions is the desire to improve productivity. When unnecessary work and time-consuming tasks can be eliminated, working time can be spent on more significant matters.

As new forms of working are evolving to a more dynamic model, where mobility, adaptability and working remotely are a new norm, a smart work environment can enable more individual ways of working. Smart solutions can also promote wellbeing and cooperation between people.

In addition to benefiting the personnel and employees, a smart workplace will also bring benefits to all those visiting the property, such as goods suppliers, service providers and arriving visitors. Smart solutions should really be viewed as a possibility for making the customer and visitor experience even better.

Toward a smart office, element by element

How does one know how to construct an optimal smart office? There is no such thing as a standard ‘one size fits for all’ solution when it comes to selecting the technology options or operators for the task. A smart office is a set of separate systems which are seamlessly integrated to create a combined smart ecosystem.

The concept of keeping integratability as the key enables the expertise of various fields and operators to be combined into the best possible whole.

Automatic visitor management is one part of the solutions used in a smart office for eliminating unnecessary work, increasing safety and security and generating improved employee and visitor experience.

Seamless integratability with other activities and solutions in the property has a key role in constructing a well-functioning smart workplace. We are an active part of a wide group of operators providing smart office solutions. Our integrable system enables a seamless connection between visitor management, documented inductions and other activities and systems in your property. Through our partners, we offer extensive entities – smarter work environments element by element.

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