Kea Tossavainen

New faces in our development team: Kea


Greetings from the team

Junior Developer Kea Tossavainen, who joined us earlier this summer, likes to take part in tasks beyond development and enjoys her job at Systam because all the work she does directly benefits the customers.

Kea moved to Finland from London in the Spring this year and quickly found her place at the development team at Systam as a junior development, even though in the beginning of her studies she wasn’t supposed to become a developer at all.  

When I started my studies in 2014, I was planning a career as a graphic designer but as my studies progressed, it became more and more apparent that I have no visual talent whatsoever and I found a new passion in software engineering and development.

What caught Kea’s interest at Systam were nice workmates, a possibility to have a wide range of duties and the interesting product.

After the job interview, I was left feeling like I’d love to work with these people. What motivates me are good workmates and possibilities to learn and educate myself. Working at Systam is rewarding because everything I do directly affects the customers and advances projects.

In her past jobs Kea has gained experience in marketing, communications as well as software engineering. She enjoys the chance to use her varied experience and likes to put her hands on everything she can; even in her spare time.

I do a lot of handcrafts. I enjoy knitting and currently I am knitting baby clothes to the babies born for my friends. I also like to do cosmetics and Christmas cards. I spent a big portion of my time volunteering for political organization and I also do yoga.

What about her career plans?

When I was a child, my dream job was to become a lady bird, but I haven’t figured out a way to make living of off being a lady bird yet.

Welcome Kea!