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Business Park Lepakko

Business Park Lepakko, located in Ruoholahti Helsinki, is one of Finland’s busiest commercial properties. Systam Visit and its smart office solutions are ensuring a safe and smooth visitor flow in this vibrant multi-company environment. Cooperation with Systam makes it possible to take into account the changing needs of the real estate business.


Visitors every year

less than 1 min

time with the QR code

Smooth and safe visitor management in a multi-company environment

Visitor access securely through KONE Turnstiles

A smart building ensures a better visitor experience safely and effectively

Managing visitor traffic at Business Park Lepakko worked before like in most companies; by the front desk staff. The work was load-bearing and in addition, the practice did not ensure the passage and security in the desired way.

Systam’s comprehensive solution, flexibility, and the ability to combine visitor management with the existing logistics system that was acquired, made the selection ultimately easy.

Now, Systam Visit operates in Business Park Lepakko as a joined visitor management system for the entire property, where each company has its own personalized profiles and settings.

Increased numbers of visitors can be handled without adding staff. The four self-service kiosks complement the front desk service and ensure a quick and smooth reception even for large groups. Managing visitor information through the online service enables seamless collaboration with the system.

“A well working system! With the help of Systam Visit we have managed to take control of the whole property. Systam is our partner, not just a system vendor. I recommend their solutions to others as well.“

Heikki Niemi

Real Estate Manager, Ilmarinen

Well integrated

Lepakko has benefited from Systam’s numerous integrations. Visitor management is connected to the gate system, parking system, meeting room and service orders as well as visitor cabins. All functions can be managed in one place.

The QR Code includes access to the parking garage and courtyard, providing guests with easy arrival. In the lobby, the use of the code on a self-service kiosk makes signing in quick and easy.

“We get positive feedback, especially on the QR code and its use when accessing the parking garage.“

Laura Merisalo

Real Estate Manager, Business Park Lepakko

A smart office is a functional smart building created with the help of data and technical systems and good design.

Gate integration enhances visitor access control

The unique QR code included in the visitor cards is also used for visitor access control with KONE Turnstile gates. The QR readers on the gates read the code from the visitor’s card and the access is checked. Approved visitors are allowed to enter the gates. When exiting the gate, visitors are automatically logged out.

Happy with support

Co-operation with Systam has been experienced as good and trustworthy. Notifications concerning the service come on time and personal support in particular gets praised.

“Service from Systam support is really fast! You always get help when needed.”

Business Park Lepakko

Kiinteistö Oy Lepakko in Ruoholahti, Helsinki houses approximately fifteen companies. The property has 1800 employees and receives an average of over 300 visitors per day.

Our solutions at Lepakko

Systam Visit Visitor Management
  • An online service for the management and monitoring of visitor traffic.
  • Calendar integration for easy adding of a visit using a personal Outlook invitation.
  • Pre-arrival messages for the visitors and fast sign-in using a QR code.
  • Systam Prestige self-service kiosk with with a personalised corporate appearance and an integrated visitor card printer.
  • Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host.
  • Visitor access control is integrated with the KONE Turnstile gates used in the property. The QR readers on the gates read the code from the visitor card and the access is checked.
  • The QR code of the pre-arrival message allows access to the parking areas.
  • Meeting room and service orders are combined with visit information.
  • Use of visitor cabins with visitor card QR code.

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