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Since 2017, Systam Visit has been in charge of visitor management at Helen, both at the Sähkötalo head office building and the power plants. In a long and developing customer relationship, value has been generated especially by the flexible and agile reaction to any changing needs.


Locations; the Sähkötalo head office building in Helsinki and power plants in Vuosaari, Hanasaari and Salmisaari

Fully automated visitor management

Automatic notifications for both the visitors and hosts

Smooth and pleasant visitor experience

Automation and a shared solution for several locations

When Helen started looking into a suitable service for visitor management, one of the requirements was that the service provider maintain a cloud-based system. Quite soon after beginning the service review, Systam Visit started seeming like a solution that would meet all the needs Helen had. A visit to Systam’s office reinforced the feeling: the right partner had been found.

In addition to the Sähkötalo head office building, there are three power plants connected to the visitor management system, all managed from a single location. During the years, the service model at Sähkötalo has transformed from a tool assisting the front-desk personnel to an automatic visitor reception implemented as a self-service solution. Systam Visit has adapted to the changes and the applied service models. The visitor invitations are easy for the personnel to generate in their calendars, and the visitors receive a pre-arrival message along with instructions for arrival. At the power plants, visitors are directly entered in the system in advance, and arrival requires sign-in with the security personnel at the gates.

“It is a modern solution to use a service like Systam Visit for ensuring that there is a smooth and smart process for handling visitor traffic. In any cases of emergency, it goes without saying how important it is that we know the visitors who are on our premises at any given time.“

Tiina Korhonen

IT Business partner, Helen Oy

Long-term partnership

In its operations, Helen is used to providing agile services, and we have an excellent track record in responding to this challenge. Our long customer relationship has seen changes that have involved customer-driven thinking and a fast response, as well as a comprehensive service that allows the customer to rely on us being in charge of ensuring the operations.

“The agreed response timOur co-operation has been extremely good and flexible. When there have been changes at our end during our extended customer relationship, Systam’s response has been extremely agile, for which we truly give them credit. The service requires zero effort from us. When needed, the support helpline provides assistance and carries out any changes we want. There are no stupid questions: matters have always been dealt with in an extremely quick, efficient and friendly manner.”

Helen Oy’s business consists primarily of the production of electricity, district heating and cooling, as well as energy distribution and sales. Our energy production operations have been awarded as the most efficient in the world. The company uses district heat to cover more than 90% of the heating needs of the City of Helsinki, and it is expanding its district cooling operations in Helsinki. The goal is to reach complete climate neutrality in our energy production.


Our solutions at Helen

Systam Visit Visitor Management
  • Tools for personnel to manage visitors.
  • A versatile view for online tool and reports.
  • Pre-arrival messages and fast sign-in with a QR code for visitors.
  • Systam X self-service kiosk with an integrated QR code reader and visitor card printer.
  • Calendar integration for easy adding of a visit using a personal Outlook invitation.
  • Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host.

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