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Systam Visit and Systam Pass enable safe reception and monitoring of visitors at the Pilkington Automotive factory facilities. Self-service sign-in and safety inductions are carried out quickly and effortlessly, and the time before Systam’s services is now unimaginable to them.

Fully automated visitor management

Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host

Safety instructions for factory environment

Scheduled visits for factory tours are automatically notified to the factory managers

Awareness and safety

Pilkington Automotive operates in the glass-manufacturing industry and the company wanted to improve the management of its visitor traffic, especially for the sake of safety. The arrival of visitors for whom there was no functional reception practices was creating problems in the unattended lobby areas of their factories. The company made a decision to purchase the Systam Visit solution due to its versatility and ease of use.

The first Visit solutions were delivered in September 2011, which marked the start of a more structured process in receiving visitors. The personnel sign in the visitors directly in the system which then sends an automatic pre-arrival message to the visitors. Upon their arrival, the visitors only have access to the lobby area where they sign in using a self-service kiosk and information on their arrival is then transmitted to the person hosting the visit. This allows for easy and safe pick-up of guests and ensures that no unauthorised persons end up wandering around the premises.

In a factory environment, visitors are also required to familiarise themselves with safety instructions, and this has been enabled with the Systam Pass service. At sign-in, the guests must acquaint themselves with safety instructions and Systam Pass will document the completion of the task. At the end of the sign-in procedure, the guests receive a visitor card with their photograph. When the guest leaves, the card is shown to the self-service kiosk’s QR code reader and the visitor is signed-off. In addition to monitoring arrived visitors, this also allows for monitoring of visitors who have left or are still on the premises.

“Systam Visit and Pass have enabled enhanced safety and brought structure to our operations. “

Kai Stenvik

Global IS Manager, Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy

Happy personell

Commissioning of the Visit and Pass solutions was easy, and the new practices were greeted with satisfaction by the personnel. The system has operated reliably, and also the visitors have been satisfied with the fluent flow and ease of use of the solution.

“Systam Visit has firmly established itself as part of our corporate culture. We could no longer part with it! “

Sirpa Toikkonen

Communications Coordinator, Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy

Systam is also praised for the updating and development of its services. The latest function to be implemented at Pilkington Automotive is the registration of visits via Outlook. It enables an even faster method of managing visits, as visitor data can be automatically saved in the Visit system in connection with the calendar invitation.

A special functionality for factory tours

Systam Visit enables solutions tailored to customer needs. At Pilkington Automotive, a special functionality in use is registration of a visitor for a tour of the factory. When entering the pre-registration for a visitor event, the visit can be marked directly as a part of the factory tour, and the factory managers will then automatically receive information on planned factory tours and a notification when the visitors who will be taking part in the tour have arrived on site.

Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy is part of the NSG Group which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass and glass products. Under the Pilkington brand, NSG Group manufactures glass products and solutions for all the world’s leading car manufacturers, the construction industry and the technical market. The turnover of the Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy companies for the last financial year was EUR 99 million, and the number of personnel totalled 590.


Our solutions at Pilkington Automotive

Systam Visit Visitor Management
  • An online service for the management and monitoring of visitor traffic.
  • Pre-arrival messages for the visitors and fast sign-in using a QR code.
  • Systam Prestige self-service kiosk with with a personalised corporate appearance and an integrated visitor card printer.
  • Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host.
  • Calendar integration for easy adding of a visit using a personal Outlook invitation.
Systam Pass Digital Inductions
  • Integrated with Systam Visit visitor management, Pass provides a way to ensure that induction training is successfully completed before sign-in.
  • An online service for the creation of induction training content and monitoring of performance.
  • An easy editor for customers to generate and edit content.

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