Customer survey 2022 – results



We conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey again in May. The increasing return to the offices was reflected in your comments and for many of you the benefits of our services (as well as development targets) are finally emerging properly after the effects of the corona virus. We’ve also gotten to meet you more face-to-face in sales, trainings and on-site support – and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our collaboration in our digital survey. We received 144 responses from over a hundred different organizations. The respondents included contact persons and main users of our services, front desk personnel and other staff. We also continuously collect feedback through short surveys on sales, deployment of our services and support service tickets. Their averages for the current year are also included in the presentation of the results.

Systam as a partner

Satisfaction in our operation in different areas on a scale 1-5 (1=Not at all satisfied 5=Very satisfied)

We received the most praise for our support services, customer care and the technical quality of our services. As in recent years, you saw the most room for improvement in terms of cost efficiency. You’re right, we may not the cheapest, but we’re constantly working to make our services truly the most value for your money. 

How our services benefit our customers? 

We asked you to evaluate the various statements regarding our services. In the results, we present the proportion of those who have responded positively to the statements (partially or completely agree).

Systam Visit visitor management service has…

Systam Pass induction service has…

Satisfaction with various aspects of our services 

Systam Visit visitor management

Ease of creating a new visit 4,2
Notifications about incoming visitors 4,3
Reliability of the service 4
Support in case of problems 4,3
Ease of use of the web service 4,3
Coverage of functionalities in the web service 4
Reporting features 3,8
Notifications of changes and updates 4,2
Systam Pass inductions 

Ease of use 3,6
Reliability of the service 4,1
Support in case of problems 4,2
Coverage of the functionalities 3,6
Reporting features 3,8

NPS (Net Promoter Score) 

NPS is an internationally used customer satisfaction measure. Our NPS question asks, “How likely would you recommend Systam to a friend or co-worker?” The respondent answers the question with a value from 0 to 10, and the answers are classified so that 9–10 respondents are positive recommenders, 7–8 respondents are neutral, and 0–6 respondents are negative dissatisfied reviewers. The net promoter score is reached by deducting the share of those who responded with a score of 0 to 6 from the share of respondents who responded with a score of 9 to 10. The overall NPS result a unit receives will be on a scale of –100–100.

If the NPS score is above 0, it can be considered that most of the customers would recommend the service. A score of +50 points is an excellent result.

Our NPS number +54 is calculated from all the NPS feedback we receive in both the customer survey and other feedback surveys. We consider this to be a very good result, especially when the respondents include also end users of our services in addition to the contact persons. 

Conclusions and actions to be taken

Collecting feedback is an essential part of not only tracking how we are doing but also a prerequisite for our development. In addition to many warm thanks, we received a lot of important concrete information about our development targets and the challenges you have experienced. Our Customer Success team goes through the feedback carefully and is in touch with anyone who has raised any acute wishes or problems. We also hope that you continue to contact us in any concerns you may have.

Issues WE intend to invest in the future:

  • Our services will experience the biggest reforms in their history in the near future. In developing them, we have considered an even easier and smoother user experience as well as more versatile functions and reporting.
  • Interest in training and guidance remains high. We will tackle this even better in the future.
  • We will seek a customer-specific balance for customer care and communication. Let’s find together the models that are right for you.
  • We work to ensure that each of you continues to receive a bill that won’t make you wince. High quality and offering full service are the key to our promise: Your partner for delivering excellence now and in the future.

Thank you! If you have any questions, we are happy to tell you more.

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