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We asked, you answered. Our annual customer satisfaction survey was conducted again in May and received a pleasing amount of feedback. Take a look at the results and the lessons we’re taking with us, as well as the wishes we’ve already been able to fulfill.

The results

Our electronically conducted survey gathered a record number of responses – 243 from over a hundred organizations. The respondents included contacts for our services, main users, front desk staff, and other personnel. In addition to the annual survey, we continuously collect feedback through short surveys during sales, deliveries, and customer support interactions. The feedback received from those surveys over the past year is also incorporated into the results.

We want to express our gratitude to all of you who have shared your thoughts. Your feedback is important to us. Our main goal is to create value for our customers, which comes from strong customer understanding and high-quality solutions. That’s why we appreciate every suggestion for improvement, and at the same time, we are delighted by the trust we have received and the upward trend in the results.

Systam as a partner

Customer satisfaction with our operations across different areas on a scale of 1-5 (1=Not at all satisfied 5=Very satisfied)

How do our services benefit our customers?

We asked our customers to evaluate various statements regarding our services (agree/disagree), and below are the results indicating the percentage of respondents who agreed with each statement.

Systam Visit Visitor Management service has…

Systam Pass Digital Inductions service has…

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

NPS is an internationally used customer satisfaction measure. Our NPS question asks, “How likely would you recommend Systam to a friend or co-worker?” The respondent answers the question with a value from 0 to 10, and the answers are classified so that 9–10 respondents are positive recommenders, 7–8 respondents are neutral, and 0–6 respondents are negative dissatisfied reviewers. The net promoter score is reached by deducting the share of those who responded with a score of 0 to 6 from the share of respondents who responded with a score of 9 to 10. The overall NPS result a unit receives will be on a scale of –100–100.

If the NPS score is above 0, it can be considered that most of the customers would recommend the service. A score of +50 points is an excellent result.

Our NPS score of +56 has increased slightly from last year’s score (+54 in 2022), and it is calculated based on all the NPS feedback we have received, both from customer surveys and other feedback surveys.

Conclusions and actions

Collecting feedback is an essential part not only of monitoring our success but also of our development. Your open comments provided us with valuable information about our areas for improvement and the challenges you have experienced. Our Customer Success team carefully reviews the feedback and reaches out to address any urgent requests or issues that have been raised. Please continue to actively contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.

Here are some examples of our upcoming milestones:

Service implementation and support

  • We will pay even more attention to the implementation of our services in your environments. We will explore ways to assist in communication and the integration of our services into the daily routines of your organization or facility staff.
  • We will enhance the tracking of support ticket statuses to provide more comprehensive and transparent information about the progress of issue resolution.
  • We will improve our service guidelines and provide opportunities for various online training sessions.

Customer relationship management

  • We will respond to your request for more information about our service functionalities and other offerings. We were delighted to hear that you have a positive attitude towards our communication and would like to receive more of it.

Systam Visit Visitor Management

  • Faster is better, so we will continue to expedite the sign-in process for incoming visitors using self-service kiosks.
  • We have received inquiries about improving the visibility of self-service kiosks in the reception areas. Our team is already brainstorming ideas to assist with this.
  • There have been requests for easier management of recipient information, and the development of Azure AD integration is nearing completion. We will provide more details soon.
  • The occasional slowdown of the service’s web tool (RespaManager) has also received feedback, both through the survey and direct contacts. We have addressed the issues causing the slowdown, and the usage should now be smooth as it should be.

Systam Pass Digital Inductions

  • Regarding induction materials, you expressed a desire to organize content. We are happy to inform you that this improvement was already in progress, and the use of folder structure has been introduced as a new feature in the Pass service. Please read our customer bulletin for more information.

Device functionality

  • Regarding potential malfunctions of self-service kiosks, you provided feedback on the need for clearer information and reporting on issue tracking. There was also a request for clear instructions on how to resolve common malfunctions independently.

Thank you, our customers, for excellent cooperation.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to provide more information.

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