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Joona Laine, our Software Engineer and Agile Coach, settled right in as a core member of Systam’s software development team approximately a year ago. Now he is feeling inspired by the increased responsibility he has in his work and the impact he is able to make. During his spare time, he loads his batteries by playing the drums, even without the drums. A truly agile fellow, don’t you think?

What do you do and what does your typical workday look like?

I work as a Software Engineer and Agile Coach at Systam, which means leading software development using agile methods. I direct our operations toward best practices and manage the backlog, schedules and general development of operations.

So what is it that I actually do every day? During the entire life cycle of software development, I keep in contact with the various teams, from requirements engineering to design, development, testing and production. I strive to be aware of what is going on in development at any given time, and to make it as transparent as possible. I steer our team’s operations so that they would always function in a smooth, independent and efficient manner.

What attracted you to Systam?

I was craving for a change and some new challenges. At Systam, I was able to switch from handling short customer projects to long-span development of the company’s products, and I was also given the chance to learn web design and new techologies.

What about your previous life?

I graduated from the Tampere University of Technology and worked at OptoFidelity, a global supplier of testing solutions in the field of user interface technology. In my work I was able to see the world during short stints in China and a longer period of working in the United States. My job description has not significantly changed here at Systam, but I now have more overall responsibility.

What is best about your job?

You mean what gets me out of bed in the morning? Well, I have an alarm clock. But once I am able to reach a good work mode, the best thing is that I get to have an impact on the entire operations and service offering of Systam, and to make them as good as I possibly can. The learning curve keeps going forward all the time and it gives you a chance to keep doing things even better.

What keeps you busy during your spare time?

Everyday family life with children is what mainly fills my free time. When I have some time for myself, I play the drums and enjoy team sports or video games.

What do others often not know about you?

I often catch myself playing air drums at home without anything even playing on the background. I wonder if it is a sign that I should play real drums a bit more often than I do?

Thank you Joona!

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