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Greetings from the team

Emmi Kurru is our marketing specialist who feels that landing the job in our growing company was her dream come true. The evolving digital world, the varying job tasks, and the big emotions involved in the work give a lot of energy to Emmi. But having grown up in the midst of forests, the landscape most dearest to her heart is the peace and quiet found in nature.

What do you do and what does your typical workday look like?

I am responsible for Systam’s marketing efforts. My desk is where you can find all things marketing; from strategies to more practical things, such as having to do with building campaigns or arranging events. Together with our communications people, I’m also involved in developing our internal marketing as well as the user experience of our brand and the SaaS services we offer.

My days at the office are never the same, which is really the spice of my work. One day I am deep in the world of marketing or even business strategies, and the next day I may be busy coming up with ideas for a social media campaign. My typical tasks include maintaining our social media channels, optimizing marketing, generating campaigns and marketing materials, and managing conversion and search engine optimization. I also work on the general development of our marketing using various tools and the data obtained with the tools.

What attracted you to Systam?

Systam was looking for digital marketing experts in LinkedIn, and Rami contacted me directly. Even though I had not been actively looking for a new position, Rami was able to take my thoughts to a completely new direction. He infected me with a shared enthusiasm to build a new future for Systam. At the time, I was working for a large advertising agency and an in-house position in a company working towards international visibility sounded like a dream come true. It would be like a baby of my own whose growth I could support in my new role.

Right from the very first time we met, the team welcomed me with open arms. The company’s trust and appreciation towards its employees has been visible in even the smallest of details. For example, when I arrived at the office for the first time, in addition to my colleagues, I was also greeted by an info display showing my photo and some nice words to welcome me.

What about your previous life?

Before my career in marketing, I worked in retail and as a make-up artist. Working in advertising photo shoots got me interested in marketing, and especially the future of marketing from a digital point of view. The birth of my daughter provided added motivation for seeking a new career and further training. Traditional office work suddenly became much more attractive compared to the evening and weekend work as a make-up artist.

So, I studied at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration through Proakatemia, the school’s unit for entrepreneurship. Together with my student friends, we founded a business that offered services for digital marketing and video production. After that, I worked for smaller and larger advertising agencies in many different roles from project manager to digital marketing instructor. But the award for my most hilarious job title definitely goes to that of digital twerker!

What is best about your job?

Diversity, as workdays are almost never the same. This sector also never stays still, so we experience changes in the marketing channels and tools at a fast pace. This allows me to learn new things and challenge myself to keep my finger on the pulse.

In addition, I also like the fact that my work includes two complete opposites – the data-driven theoretical aspect as well as the creative daydreaming side of things. The nice tension created between these two fuels the passion to a completely new level!

What keeps you busy during your spare time?

My spare time is mostly spent outside enjoying nature, preferably on a SUP board or bike. I spent my childhood in the woods of Salo and Perniö, which is why nature is still especially close to my heart. Even during my time in Tampere, my home has always been away from the city center; as close as possible to a lake or forest. I am also an incurable movie lover.

What do others often not know about you?

I live for big emotions. This is visible both in my work and in some surprising details about my personal life as well. Like the fact that I love horror movies. People often find this surprising. I have also played in a band and my instruments were perhaps not among the most known to many Finns, namely bass recorder and steelpans. I have even managed to appear on some recordings with my steelpans when I was younger.

Thank you Emmi!

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