Meet Kari – Our newest Junior Developer


Greetings from the team

At the beginning of the year, a new junior developer joined our team; Kari Haavisto has landed his dream job in software development and enjoys creating something new. And if we are to believe what the man says; we will be hearing more of him on a totally different stage.

What do you do and what does your typical workday look like?

I work together with the Product Development team in maintaining and developing applications. A normal workday might be one where I work on developing, testing and de-bugging a new function. In addition to just coding, I get to do many other things in my work, such as providing graphical content for applications.

What attracted you to Systam?

I had been dreaming about a career in software development for a long time. My job interview left me with a feeling that the company seemed to have a laid-back atmosphere and my (soon-to-be) colleagues struck me as amusing types, whom I would love to work with. It was also my first time testing the Systam visitor management system which, to a coder’s eyes, seemed very interesting right away.

What about your previous life?

After finishing my studies for Bachelor of Business Administration, Degree Programme in Business Information Technology, I worked in IT doing support and maintenance work. There were no positions to work as a programmer in my home town, so it paid off to expand my search, as I soon found myself in Tampere.

What is best about your job?

Systam is the first workplace where I get to do programming, in other words, exactly what I want to do and what I enjoy most. I have always felt that it is very important to be able to create something new, and in this job, it is really a focal point.

What keeps you busy during your spare time?

I like outdoor activities, and you can often find me at the disc golf range. When inside, I like to play the guitar and I enjoy playing video games. I am also in the process of getting my motivation up to start working out at the gym again.

What do others often not know about you?

One day, I will publish my own music album.

Welcome Kari!

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