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Systam Visit and Pass provided an answer to an effortless way of receiving visitors and a profiled method for visitors to familiarise safety instructions at ABB’s Marine and Ports unit. Thanks to the new method of operation, a person hosting a visitor can now be sure that the visitor has completed the required training and accepted ABB’s terms and conditions regarding visits already before the start of meetings. The selected solutions have worked very well and the plan is to utilise the Pass service more extensively also as a marketing channel for visitors.

Visitor management together with the front desk

Automatic notifications to visitors and hosts

Inductions even before arrival

Separate profiles for production and office visitors, service staff and own personnel

Simple and standardised reception services and training in advance

ABB Marine wanted to improve the visitor experience and ensure that every person arriving at the premises goes through the required safety instructions. In the beginning of 2015, the Systam Visit solution for receiving visitors and the Systam Pass service for providing induction training to visitors and other interest groups were commissioned in the facility.

Previously the persons arriving for a visit wrote down their information by hand and signed a separate NDA agreement. The host was responsible for providing the required safety induction at the beginning of the visit. At times, this delayed the start of meetings and also made it difficult to standardise the quality of the training. The front desk personnel often had no advance information on the visitor groups arriving and sometimes this caused problems in the flow of reception activities.

Now the visitors can complete the required induction training already before their arrival. Sign-in is quick, the host receives automatic notification of a guest’s arrival and meetings can start on time. The visitors receive arrival instructions and their own QR code for signing in a day before the visit. With use of the code, sign-in can be completed in seconds.

Profiles for providing personalised content and activities for different groups

Visitor traffic at ABB has been divided into various profiles on the basis of whether the visit includes a tour of the production facilities or whether the visit will be confined to the office premises. In addition, the systems have varying content and functions for service staff and ABB’s own personnel. Content and settings can be edited at any time to keep everything up-to-date. Each visitor goes through a training compiled in accordance with their profile and then possibly completes a test on the subject. An induction document and log data are automatically stored for all performances.

ABB is a leading power-generation and automation technology corporation employing approximately 140,000 people in 100 countries, with a total of approximately 5,200 working in Finland. The ABB Marine and Ports unit in Vuosaari, Helsinki, develops electrification and automation solutions for the maritime industry.


Our solutions at ABB

Systam Visit Visitor Management
  • An online service for the management and monitoring of visitor traffic.
  • Pre-arrival messages for the visitors and fast sign-in using a QR code.
  • Systam Prestige self-service kiosk with with a personalised corporate appearance and an integrated visitor card printer.
  • Automatic notifications for both the visitor and the host.
  • Calendar integration for easy adding of a visit using a personal Outlook invitation.
Systam Pass Digital Inductions
  • Integrated with Systam Visit visitor management, Pass provides a way to ensure that induction training is successfully completed before sign-in.
  • An online service for the creation of induction training content and monitoring of performance
  • An easy editor for customers to generate and edit content.

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