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People at Posti were thinking of how to improve the visitor experience in their facilities by also taking safety aspects into consideration at the same time. Our Systam Respa system won them over with its clear structure, and now the system is a part of receiving guests and of a comprehensive visitor management solution both at Posti headquarters and the logistics centre.



Posti is the leading postal and logistics service company in Finland. It operates in 10 countries, but its operations focus on Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia. The turnover for Posti Group Oyj in 2018 was EUR 1,610.3 million and the adjusted operating result was EUR 44.8 million. We serve our customers with an approximate number of 22,000 professionals. All the shares of Posti Group Oyj are owned by the state of Finland.


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When comparing different service providers, Posti considered trustworthiness and continuity as important values.

We see Systam as a company that is committed to developing and perfecting one service. In addition to the compelling references, also the user experiences of the service in the facilities we visited were excellent.
– Jari Alen, Facility Manager, Posti Kiinteistöt Oy

When we saw that data protection issues were also well considered, our decision was clear. The Systam Respa system was commissioned in February 2016, and in the Posti headquarters in Helsinki and the logistics centre in January 2019. The operation of the system and the related instructions were considered so straightforward that commissioning was smooth and effortless.

Notifying visits to the personnel was made easy with the calendar integration. Calendar invitations generated in the personnel’s email messages transfer the information of the invited person seamlessly into the system. And this is all that is needed. Automatic notifications take care of sending pre-arrival instructions to the guest and a real-time notification to the person hosting the visit when the guest arrives.

As a tool for the front desk, the RespaManager web application brought a new kind of control for the front desk tasks. Taking self-service kiosks into use has also allowed the front desk staff to focus on its core tasks, says Alen.

Systam Respa has enabled the front desk staff to have more time for the important tasks; greeting customers in person and taking care of customer service.

At Posti, self-service and personal assistance support one another. Service kiosks are an excellent aid during peak hours and also for regular visitors who know where they are going. Positive feedback from visitors and clients has also reinforced our experience of the functioning of the current practice.

It is such a present-day experience when people handle matters on their own. The clients feel that assisting themselves is the way to do it today, but value that they are also able to get active assistance face-to-face when needed.

Alen praises Systam for their agile cooperation and also recommends their services to others.


Systam Respa Visitor Management

– The RespaManager online service for management and monitoring of visitor traffic
– Automatic messages at every stage of the visitor path. Content can be edited by the customer.

– Systam Respa Prestige – A modern self-service kiosk with an integrated printer for printing visitor cards.

– The calendar integration is an easy way of handling advance sign-in for visits at the same time as a meeting invitation is sent to the guest.