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The Sello Shopping Centre located in Espoo’s Leppävaara has introduced our visitor management solution in the management of the property’s maintenance and service providers’ traffic. Adapting to a more exceptional and specific need has received a lot of praise from Sello, who also values our good partnership and customer-driven development efforts.


Visits each week

Real-time view of the present property’s maintenance personnel

Easy sign-in for both regular and occasional service providers

A safer way to operate

A need to know who are present in the property and when

Maintenance in a large shopping centre includes a versatile group of different service providers. A numerous amount of people move about on the Sello premises every day handling various facility management tasks. This created a need to find a functioning and safe way of keeping everything under control and obtaining up-to-date information on who is inside the property.

Assessed as the smartest property in Europe, Sello did not want to sit idle, but decided to find itself a partner to implement a flexible solution for smooth and safe visitor traffic management.

Systam Visit enabled a tailored solution

Visitor management is often seen as a solution mainly used with company visits in office surroundings, but the Sello case is an excellent example of how our Systam Visit -solution can be adapted to very different types of management and tracking of people flows. Our extended experience and convincing references kicked off co-operation where Sello was provided with a unique solution enabling the management of both regular and occasional visits of facility management personnel.

“Systam had an existing solution and template on top of which we were able to design a system that caters to our specific needs and wishes. The end result has been a successful match with our goals!“

Joni Rajamäki

Security and Safety Manager at Sello Shopping Centre

A personal visitor card with a photo provided for regularly visiting personnel enables easy access in and out of the property with a self-service kiosk equipped with a QR code reader. Occasional visitors sign in on the kiosks with a single-use visitor card. Active information transmitted to the control room on the people present on the property at any given time is of crucial importance with regard to both a situational picture and cases of emergency.

“From a perspective of both security and operational activities, it is important for us to know who is accessing our property and when. Now we have the whole package under control and are also able to better reach our visitors if, for example, there is a need to discuss matters together with an elevator installer who is arriving on site.”

Systam as a partner

Sello’s topmost experience of co-operation with Systam has definitely been the clarity. Their needs were surveyed in depth, schedules have been met and co-operation has been easy and flexible, despite our special project sometimes requiring a few extra steps in development work.

“Systam in three words? Transparent, reliable and consistent. We can definitely recommend them! It has been so positive to see that adapting to our specific needs has worked out so well.”

Sello is one of the largest and most versatile shopping centres in the Nordic countries. Sello is located in Leppävaara, in the city of Espoo, and is within excellent reach by all modes of transportation. The more than 160 shops offer a comprehensive selection of items in fashion, interior decoration, sports and leisure, as well as wellbeing. Sello’s owners are Keva, Elo and Ilmarinen, and the shopping centre is managed by Realidea Oy.


Our solutions in Sello

Systam Visit Visitor Management
  • An online service for the management and monitoring of visitor traffic.
  • Systam X self-service kiosk with a QR code reader and visitor card printer.
  • Long-term visitor cards for regular visitors and quick self-service sign-in for occasional visitors.
  • Automatic notifications on visitors who have arrived.

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