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Wihuri Virpi Koistinen
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Wihuri Oy Aarnio Metro wholesale

The completion of the new premises in the summer of 2018 prompted Wihuri Metro wholesale to consider how to arrange a reception in a diverse space that was not intended to accommodate an occupied lobby space. Systam Respa was seen as an alternative to producing a functional reception, and the property can no longer even think about everyday life without it.


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Wihuri is an international industry and trade group. During its more than 110-year history, Wihuri has been a major player in Finnish business and has grown from a small family business to an international player with operations in more than 30 countries. The Wihuri Group employs about 5,000 professionals in its field and operates in four industries: the packaging industry, the grocery wholesale business, the technical wholesale business and the business aviation business. Wihuri's Metro wholesale is currently one of Finland's largest grocery wholesalers, with a selection of almost 25,000 different products: food, frozen foods, alcohol products and daily necessities. Wihuri Metro wholesale offers nationwide wholesale and delivery sales, and has more than 20 express wholesalers throughout Finland.


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How on earth would we handle the reception if it weren’t for Systam Respa?

-Virpi Koistinen, Development Manager, Wihuri Oy Aarnio Metro wholesale

The Wihuri Oy Aarnio logistics center in Vantaa also includes approximately 2,500 m2 of office space, which dozens of guests have to find every week. The reception was solved by placing a self-service kiosk next to the restaurant on the office premises, to which the invited guests are guided by advance arrival instructions, from parking to moving around the property. Visiting invitations are easily created by staff from their own calendars, after which automatic messages take care of both guiding the guest and notifying the host when the guest signs in with the self-service kiosk.

According to Virpi Koistinen, Development Manager at Wihuri Metro wholesale, the implementation of the new system was easy and has brought systematic and clarity to the management of visitor traffic. The guests have also taken note of the functional service and, according to Koistinen, it produces positive feedback on its ease. Which is the best thing for all parties. When the existence of the system is inconspicuous and unproblematic, it is the best sign of good operation, Koistinen sums up and recommends the Systam Respa service to others as well.

Our solutions at Wihuri Oy Aarnio Metro wholesale

Systam Respa Visitor Management

– The RespaManager online service for management and monitoring of visitor traffic
– Automatic messages at every stage of the visitor path. Content can be edited by the customer.
– Systam Respa Prestige – A modern self-service kiosk with an integrated printer for printing visitor cards.
– The calendar integration is an easy way of handling advance sign-in for visits at the same time as a meeting invitation is sent to the guest.