4 tips for property owners – How to make your tenants happier



In order to make your property attractive for new and old tenants, it should meet the needs of today. We have listed a few tips on how to improve your tenants’ experience and exceed their expectations.

The purpose of properties is to serve the needs of the people who use and move about in the building. During the past few years, the needs and expectations for work spaces have risen, and people expect the facilities to be something more and better than their home offices. When you want to make sure that your property is attractive for tenants and that they will want to stay on, here are a few things to take into consideration:

1. Make your property accessible

People are more likely to do something when it is easy. If you want people to rent out your spaces and offices, make it easy and accessible to arrive and work in the building.

The first things to consider are transport connections and parking. Is parking effortless and how has bicycle storage been resolved? And what about access to the main entrance, is it straightforward and possible also for, let’s say, taxis.

A functional building enables equal possibilities for mobility and operations for everyone. Laws and regulations demand certain minimum requirements for accessibility solutions. Especially with larger properties, it should still be considered whether it is worth to equip the entire building in accordance with the most strictest requirements. It is often more sensible to invest mainly, for example, in the public passageways and shared customer and conference facilities where people from outside the property also visit.

2. Ensure safety and smooth everyday activities

People working on your property will value a comfortable, smooth, and safer everyday life. They need an easy, yet safe way of walking in through the doors. There must be a clear understanding on who should be allowed in specific parts of the building and when. Investing in a comprehensive access control system answers to those needs.

Your tenant most likely also works daily with several other external people. Your tenants should be aware of how visitors are welcomed and logged in on the property. Make it easier by phasing in an automated visitor management system (VMS) for multi-tenant buildings. A good VMS can welcome visitors and ensure access control completely independently or as a tool to assist the front-desk personnel. It also notifies your tenants of their visitors’ arrival.

Investing in VMS increases security, offers an excellent first impression to visitors, and makes the everyday operations of your tenants easy and hassle free. A single solution ensures uniform visitor management while also enabling individual settings to match the needs of every tenant.

3. Offer something extra

Think about what makes your property a more attractive place than the home office. It is often the seemingly small things that turn out to be a game changer: comfortable facilities, good coffee that is hot, excellent work ergonomics or even smart lighting.

There are many ways of changing your building into a modern environment that inspires cooperation and concentration. Most tenants prefer working in buildings where there are different types of ​​work spaces to choose from. The classic conference room is not the only option. Many property owners construct a shared work space in their building for the tenants to reserve as they need. Managing the spaces can be eased by using desk and room bookings. If space is limited, you can consider alternative options, such as focus booths or communal lounge areas.

4. Gather feedback and act accordingly

Mapping out the needs and wishes of your tenants is essential for ensuring that they are satisfied with their spaces. Consider sending a monthly questionnaire to your tenants and their employees. You might learn that more teams would come to the office, for example if the restaurant in the building would offer more versatile lunch options. Or perhaps employees would enjoy having benches or tables for spending time outside. These are some of the many things you can only learn, if your tenants share them with you.

It is also important to remember that communication should always be a two-way street. Whenever you make changes or improvements on your property, you should inform all your tenants. Even the best of solutions may remain unused, if people just don’t know about them.

A good partner makes everything easier

Luckily, there are good partners out there to choose from for handling the solutions to enhance the functioning of your property. We at Systam are a Finnish market leader in visitor management. Our Visit solution ensures that your building is up to speed with today’s needs. The solution is suited for receiving occasional visitors or even thousands of daily visitors. The system can cover the movement of visitors, contractors as well as other service providers in your building.

Let’s find the best solution for your needs together – and we will take care of the rest. We will handle a smooth delivery and implementation. After the order, a designated Success Manager will contact each tenant and ensure that they have individual visitor paths and settings that suite their specific needs.

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