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Greetings from the team

Our director of operations, Juho Sipilä, has become part of the permanent fixtures at systam during his 14 years with us. Juho is responsible for the delivery of our services, and outside working hours he is known as a true sports enthusiast who has hard evidence of having consumed more than a million calories during his sports performances.

What do you do and what does your typical workday look like?

Working in operational activities means focusing on keeping concrete operations and everyday activities rolling in accordance with our strategy. In practice, I am in charge of, for example, delivering the clients what our sales team has promised them. My daily tasks include a lot of preparations for services, deliveries, training and deployment. Management of the overall picture also involves a lot of research and development work, as well as cooperation with our sales and customer and support teams.

What attracted you to Systam?

I knew Anssi, Systam’s CEO, already during our student days when he was just starting the new company. I was recruited directly from my studies to join a team sharing an abundance of inspired ideas and a strong belief in what they were doing. Anssi knew how to be convincing. Luckily, all the promises have been redeemed!

What about your previous life?

I studied at the Tampere University of Technology, before work got me carried away. My 14-year career at Systam has been a true journey of personal growth and an ultimate school for work in my particular field. In addition to my work at Systam, through my hobbies I have been involved in various online projects, including the construction and maintenance of websites and web stores as well as related communication.

What is best about your job?

Nice and versatile work tasks sounds how I guess everyone would respond to this question, but I really do enjoy the diversity of the work, and I am lucky to have just that at Systam. The working environment is also very nice; both at other Systam offices as well as in my own location in Hollola. Freedom and responsibility walk hand in hand also in our workplace. It enables us to do many things as we see best, as long as we get results.

Juho Sipilän kengät

What keeps you busy during your spare time?

Along with the everyday family life and owning a house, sports is what makes me tick. That means all types of cycling, trail running, orienteering and skiing. (That’s right, it’s all about individual sports for me.) I am also a bit of a tech geek, and at times, my sports equipment purchases are a bit out of control. Measured by various technical equipment and monitoring devices, I have consumed more than a million calories, of which I am sure I have eaten back every single one.

What do others often not know about you?

“Any idiot can run, but it takes a special kind of an idiot to run marathons.” I have participated in four official marathons on road surfaces as well as one official and two unofficial events in trail-type runs. I can also juggle with three balls for a moment which might just be my greatest surprise with regard to my motor skills.

Thank you Juho!

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