Why do industrial companies choose Systam?



The industrial sector is bustling with numerous activities within its facilities. It needs committed personnel to execute a lot of daily operations and to maintain a robust security protocol.  The main entrance – with or without a dedicated front desk or a lobby – plays a significant part in the company structure. Ensuring safe visitor traffic in different types of environments is crucial, especially in the industrial sector. That’s why smart visitor management systems (VMS) like Systam Visit are now necessary for welcoming guests at all your locations, from the front door to the loading dock.

Here are 5 functionalities of a VMS that are helpful in the industrial sector

1. Easy visitor sign-in

Invited visitors will automatically receive a pre-arrival message with instructions to ensure a smooth arrival. An individual code (e.g., a QR code) included in the message enables signing in on the self-service kiosk in just a matter of seconds. A self-service kiosk placed in a visible location in the arrival lobby along with clear instructions will guide visitors through the arrival procedure whenever needed. The top quality Systam self-service kiosks are designed and manufactured in Finland, and enable the self-service sign-in of both invited visitors as well as walk-in guests.

After signing in, the host is also automatically notified of the arrival of the visitor and can pick up the visitor from the lobby.

2. Safety inductions before the visit

The manufacturing industry deploys heavy machinery. Taking safety into consideration is extremely important for both those working in the workplace as well as those visiting. Systam Pass is a digital induction system that together with Systam Visit enables safety training and inductions to be completed before the visit or on-site using a self-service kiosk.

Verified and documented completion of inductions ensures that all parties are aware of their safety and responsibilities.

3. Improved safety and security for business premises and people

Electronic visitor management is the only method of monitoring who is able to access your premises and to know exactly who is present on site.In cases of emergency, it is crucial to know the exact number of people on the premises, their possible location, and their personal information. Real-time and easily accessible attendance data can enhance safety, especially in situations requiring evacuation from the site.

4. Easy access for contractors, technicians and drivers

Get contractors, technicians, drivers, and employees in and out efficiently while making sure people are who they say they are, having documentation ahead of arrival, and restricting access to relevant areas. With Systam Visit you can manage the visits of various groups on your premises and ensure that required safety guidelines are provided.

5. A better visitor experience

Visitor experience is affected by many factors, but what is essential for your arriving visitor is the ease and smoothness of handling matters. The automatic pre-arrival messages, arrival notifications, and the possibility for quick self-registration enabled by the electronic visitor management system ensure visitors a smooth arrival and a positive visitor experience.

To sum it up

A good VMS (visitor management system) will look after security, compliance operations, increase work productivity, and ensure a great first expression. No matter how many units you have in your manufacturing industry, across the globe, it will store all data in a centralized cloud system. Uniform storage and maintenance of data across all locations will also be compliant friendly.

An intuitive visitor management software is profitable to manufacturing industries. It takes care of an array of important manual tasks and automates them. It zeros staff’s involvement, and you can utilize their energy in other critical areas of work.

A word from our customers

So why choose us? Let’s take a look at one of our customers. Euroports Finland Oy is Finland’s leading port operator offering complete services at Euroports Rauma, Euroports Pietarsaari and Euroports Logistics. Safety is a key factor for the company, and it was also the focus when the company was planning its visitor management. Since 2015, Systam Visit and Pass, together with the port’s access control system, have ensured the smooth arrival of guests as well as a quick way to go through the required safety instructions.

“We often hear from our guests that it is rare that things are as smooth as this. In addition, there is the safety viewpoint. When the visit starts off with a safety induction, it provides a strong message of the importance of occupational safety here at Euroports.“

Jarmo Kivi

Safety Manager, Euroports Rauma Oy

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